Hybrid Cloud for Data and AI

Hybrid cloud combines and unifies IBM's public cloud and Ucensys private cloud services to create a single, flexible, cost-optimized IT infrastructure.

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Quickly and easily operates on agile IT landscapes from the data center to the edge.


Seamlessly collects, organizes and analyzes data applying AI to shape future outcomes.


Improves productivity with AI workflows that help people learn, detect, decide and act.


Pro-actively aligns, protects and manages threats to digital assets, users and data.

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Hybrid Cloud Built on Power Systems

The Ucensys Hybrid Cloud is built on IBM Power Systems delivering Power Systems as an operating expense (OPEX) supporting the day-to-day functioning of your business, charging by the minute for capacity used above the aggregated base across systems. This minimizes capital expense (CAPEX) for systems your business incurs and creates a benefit in the future, while still providing the compute capacity you need.

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The Ucensys Hybrid Cloud Is Well Suited To Several Use Cases

Our Hybrid Cloud is focused on on supporting the portability of workloads across all cloud environments, and on automating the deployment of those workloads to the best cloud environment for a given business purpose.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud Approach

The Hybrid Cloud offers several key benefits for organizations.


Create personalized customer experiences by connecting applications and data across multiple cloud environments.

Multicloud Management

We offer supporting technologies for multicloud management framework to manage applications and resources across the mixed environment.

Cloud-native Applications

Create new cloud-native applications or modernize your existing applications to benefit from the flexibility and scalability of the Ucensys Hybrid Cloud.

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS)

Scale and shrink your compute, network, storage and security resources on demand.

Open Platforms

Place your applications and workloads wherever they run best by leveraging a native Kubernetes container infrastructure.


Our hybrid cloud DevOps solutions combines robust visibility, traceability,and auditing capabilities.

Hybrid Cloud and Ucensys

Ucensys Hybrid Cloud solutions deliver flexibility and portability for both applications and data. Linux, Kubernetes and containers support the hybrid cloud stack and combine with Red Hat OpenShift to create a common platform connecting on-premises and cloud resources.


Public Cloud Apps on Linux


Network Performance (Gbps)


Platform Availability SLAs



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